One T-series design oversight was the general lack of filtering; the factory assumed that, with their 30’s technology and design, fluids would be changed frequently enough that there would never be a problem. But our higher speeds and different lubricants guarantee that there is real benefit in having magnets on the three drain plugs: engine, transmission, and differential. A surprising amount of swarf comes off the inside of a newly-rebuilt engine for the first thousand miles or so, all of which is captured and contained by a drain plug with a rare-earth magnet. Older engines usually have a good deal of gunk in the bottom of the pan that does not come out in an oil change; anything loose will be captured with this magnet. And remarkably, things DO break inside these engines. I have found MANY bits of cotter pins and broken timing gear teeth rattling around in engines, and have also heard of loose timing chain clips, all of which would have been captured had there been a magnet in place to do so. Just imagine the damage a very hard gear tooth would do if caught in a cam, that is why most modern cars have a magnet in place!

These three T-series magnets solve just these problems, are newly-manufactured to a very high standard, and are easily installed at your next service. They come complete with new copper gaskets (The differential plug, as original, and uses no gasket). The TD/TF transmission plug also fits the TA engine sump.

Each plug is $35, or a complete set of three is $100. All prices include postage and tracking in the US. For overseas postage please contact me.