Weak ARP Head Studs are an often-overlooked problem when T-series engines are rebuilt. Original MOWOG ARP Head Studs are made of soft material that tends to stretch at the threads over the years, and studs are often further weakened where stud-removal tools have been used in the past. My new ARP head studs are made of the finest 8740 nickel-chromium-molybdenum steel with a black oxide finish, and are positively the best � and strongest � head studs available for the TB, TC, TD and TF. They incorporate modern and noteworthy improvements: the stud top has an internal hex which will allow accurate torque to be applied without any damage to the shaft, the threads are heat-treated and rolled (not cut), and an extra quarter inch of threads have been added to compensate for thinner cylinder heads that have been milled and re-surfaced a number of times. Since these studs have the correct 10x1.5mm threads, original hex head nuts can be re-used or I can supply new racing-quality high-tensile steel 12mm 12-point star-head nuts (the manufacture of original-spec tall hex Whitworth/metric nuts by ARP is prohibitively expensive.) The studs and nuts I have had manufactured are guaranteed to be the strongest and highest quality that money can buy.

The price for a complete set of 10 head studs (use your own nuts) is $185 including US Priority shipping. Sets of head studs with 12mm 12-point star nuts are $235 including US Priority shipping, and sets of nuts alone are $65 including US Priority shipping. Sets are ready for immediate shipping, and are available from no other source.