T-series MG engines use cupped Brass "Core" Plugs to seal the engine's water passages, and currently-available Brass "Core" Plugs are supplied in steel. These steel Brass "Core" Plugs will rust and leak, often in less than a year. For this reason I have had a run of brass Brass "Core" Plugs made, and have already sold more than a thousand sets of plugs to fit the XPAG/XPEG engines. These high-quality Brass "Core" Plugs are guaranteed not to rust, and will literally last as long as your engine rebuild. Prices are $45 for a complete set of nine Brass "Core" Plugs (including the cam end plug).

NOTE: My set of Brass "Core" Plugs includes 9 plugs including the cam plug; other sets do not include that brass core plug. Also, these Brass "Core" Plugs are proudly Made in the USA, and not overseas.