I continue to manufacture the classic Roadster Gasket valve cover and side cover gaskets to fit all XPAG, XPEG and XPAW engines. Long unavailable, these high-quality silicone rubber gaskets go a long way towards making your T-type engine leak-free. They are easy to install (and come with complete instructions), allows the valve cover to be removed as often as necessary without disturbing the gasket, and can be re-used over and over. I know of some gaskets that have been on engines for nearly 30 years! Either gasket costs $50, or a set of valve cover and side cover gaskets is $90, all including postage.

NB: I also have a supply of these gaskets in GREY, as an attractive alternative to the red. They are manufactured with the same materials, quality and fit, and are the same price - PLEASE SPECIFY WHICH COLOR YOU WISH TO ORDER.


NO Leaks after many miles and many valve cover R&R's.. And it stays in place. The best gasket that I ever put on the TD !!!!!!! These gaskets are made by a TD owner, and are GREAT,,, no leaks whatsoever. I would highly recommend them. SW

I too had the same problem with leaking with the old cork gasket. Went to the silicon and no leaks since. Great gasket and I would highly recommend it. My Roadster Gasket has been on and off the engine thru 2 major rebuilds and still does not leak. Mine has been on the car for over 10 years. Great gasket and I would highly recommend it. TM

They certainly do work. Amazing product and worth the bucks. Very very nice. One of the best investments made on my TD. IR

The first time ever my side cover didn't leak [was] with this gasket GB

I have the Roadster Gaskets on the TD valve cover and tappet cover. These are aftermarket chrome covers. The gaskets have been in place for a number of years and solved some nagging oil leaks. I followed the excellent directions provided by Roadster Gaskets, and the nuisance leaks I had for years from the covers have been fixed. Highly recommended. LS

"Finally got around to changing out the wet cork for the dry neoprene - now when I lift the bonnet I just stand there and smile." - LO

"They work just as well as you promised they would!" - JK