In addition to the products listed on this site I am looking into the manufacture or distribution of other high-quality MG products, such as:
  • Entirely new oil pump housings, using new, modern internals, but identical in appearance to the original.

  • A replaceable-element glass fuel filter, built into a new Teflon fuel-pump to carb line - bolts right in place and there is no need to use an ugly and non-original rubber line. Plus, it has all the benefit of a very high-quality fuel filter, to remove all that fuel tank rust you meant to clean out last year.

  • 5-Speed Transmission. I am considering engineering and casting T-series bell-housings and selling kits with NEW 5-speed transmissions by TREMEC or similar. This is in the "thinking" stage, not yet the "design" stage.

  • I am awaiting the casting of TF thermostat elbows in stainless steel, far superior to the aluminum ones now available. The foundry is in Australia, and I am hopeful of having them by the Fall.
I am always looking for suggestions of similar T-series products I can engineer and offer for the MG owner.