At the present time we have no Thermostat Housings available, and a waiting-list of more than 20 people. We regret the inconvenience but we are taking no orders, as we cannot even promise a delivery date.
To make thermostat problems a thing of the past, I have commissioned a run of new, stainless steel thermostat housings. Using the expensive lost-wax process and cast in 300 stainless for a smooth and original finish, they come with a replaceable 180° stainless thermostat, and include gaskets and correct cheese-head screws for your elbow. One great advantage of this design is that the thermostat itself is held in with only a snap-ring at the TOP of the housing, and can easily be accessed by removing the top radiator hose. Other replaceable thermostats on the market are only accessible from the bottom, which means removing the entire housing just to change the thermostat. A substantial top ridge insures that the top hose clamp cannot not slip off. Some restriction is necessary to prevent hot coolant from bypassing the thermostat, and the outlet at the elbow of my housing is machined with a small hole for normal running. If your car has a heater and is driven extensively in the winter, you may wish to drill out the restricted hole for faster warm-up.

T-series engines often overheat, and one common reason for this is a defective thermostat, The original iron thermostat housing had a non-replaceable thermostat; when the thermostat stopped working reliably, the entire housing had to be replaced. The iron housings also corrode at the top hose lip, resulting in a thin and uneven, weakened and often leaking thermostat housing. Various replacements are currently available on the market, including cast iron as original, aluminium and bronze. But each has significant problems: the cast iron has a non-replaceable thermostat and is a very rough (Chinese) sand-casting. Aluminium thermostat housings corrode very quickly (I have seen the usual Chinese-made thermostat housings crumble and clog with white aluminium debris after less than a year), and current bronze housings tend to have porous castings that weep coolant.

Another stainless thermostat housing on the market has too-large a bypass hole, has a smaller lip to retain the top hose, and fits the thermostat from the bottom - the entire housing must be removed from the engine in order to replace the thermostat. My thermostat fits from the top, so it can be removed and replaced by just removing the top hose and a snap-ring.

My custom stainless thermostat housings withstand very high temperatures, are extremely corrosion-resistant, are externally as original, can easily be painted or polished, and are manufactured with the greatest of care. This is a quality product unlike anything else on the market, and will literally last many life-times – yours and your car's.

The price is $252 complete, including a new 180 degree Stainless Steel Stant thermostat and Stainless retaining ring, new Stainless elbow screws and washers, a high-quality FelPro base gasket, new elbow gasket and Priority shipping. Like all my products, this is 100% guaranteed. Also available professionally polished to a mirror finish, 302$.

Corrosion begins almost immediately with after-market aluminium thermostat housings.
(Photos: Jim Barry, Del Dell’Aquila)
“The thermostat / thermostat housing arrived a few minutes ago. What a work of functional art. The machine work is of the utmost quality. I'll install it later this week.

Thank you for shipping it out so quickly. And again, what a great product.” RF
”My housing arrived yesterday and it is a thing of beauty and function, one of the nicest machined parts I have ever seen. “ JN